HOSTIKO is a WordPress theme for those costumers that are initiating their web hosting business. Hostiko offers highly-customizable WHMCS templates with 36+ unique and interactive WordPress layouts.

1. Largest Assembled Web Hosting Theme On ThemeForest

The best part about HOSTIKO is that it is completely an integrated theme, you will not need any further additions to the interface to make it workable. The modern and user-friendly interface has been created for the ease of customers.

2. Unique Designs Of HOSTIKO

If a theme supporting website is seen you will find a lot of copied material again and again. But our web hosting theme is the most unique. The specialty of our theme resides within its peculiar graphics. So, you can utilize it with no fear of being sued. Click here to find the unique templates for web hosting.

You can find the best ready to use themes at this link.

3. Purpose Built Solution For Web Hosting Companies

HOSTIKO deeply cares about its customers, so it has provided every single tool that can be required for efficient web hosting. You can say, a complete package can be installed from HOSTIKO to enjoy the best web hosting theme. You can import as many required packages as you need, because we are covering element that may be required for web hosting. All layouts have separate pages for Shared Hosting, Domain Dedicated Server, VPS Plans and Reseller Account.

4. Domain Search Integrated With WHMCS(Ajax)

There is no other web hosting template that is providing search domain integrated with WHMCS. So, this is another specialty of our product and another valid reason to utilize.

5. Domain Search With Whois Data

Customer can search in the search domain about the product and the search will show which extension of that product is available. You can even check which client has bought or booked the unavailable product. This is another unique feature that is not entertained by any other web hosting template seller.

The red button of WHOIS, in the first row of taken and available products, shows the details of the buyer if clicked.


6. Interactive VPS Silder

We have an interactive VPS slider for the customer that can change the templates and their packages according to the stopping spot of the cursor.

8. Header/Footer Builder(VC) Unlocks Plenty Of Options

You can build your own header and footer via HOSTIKO header/footer builder. You can even add further options in the already implemented header/footer. Designs changes can be made easily by this feature of HOSTIKO. If different header/footer is required for different screens you can amend the theme accordingly by using this feature.

9. Powerful Mega Menu Options of HOSTIKO

HOSTIKO is the only web hosting theme that is providing mega menu options. Mega menu is given when a variety of options have a variety of sub categories. This reveals that our product is giving all possible options for our customers.

10. Pre-Built Designs of HOSTIKO

HOSTIKO has pre-built designs for web hosting. Any entrepreneur or a business man who wants to start a business of web hosting can purchase our theme (whichever he likes) and after the installation of whole package, there will be a ready to use business setup. This product is advantageous for even non-technical persons. The changeable themes also provides flexibility to add up the necessary items in your web hosting site.

11. Mobile Friendly Web Hosting

It is imperative to make theme mobile friendly to provide ease for the customer. Many of the websites are not capable of showing the whole content due to unresponsiveness. The customer can be annoyed for lack of exhibition of information. The most important feature of HOSTIKO is stackable tables and we are the only one providing this facility in themes.

  • Responsive Web Hosting Themes

Our web designs are responsive. This makes them adjust well onto the variety of devices, windows and screen sizes. Th screen adjustment has been tested on Google mobile.

  • Stackable Responsive Tables

This is another feature to make our themes mobile friendly. The information table of our themes is displayed on the desktops in the horizontal fashion. Sometimes, the table width can’t fit onto the mobile screen and some of the columns are deducted if the website or application isn’t responsive, if it is responsive, it makes the table too small to be readable and actionable. But because of this feature, whenever our theme is opened on the phone, the table rows and columns will be converted into stack. The top level of the stack will show the domain name and further levels will show the properties of that domain.

  • Mobile Menu And Search

Mobile Menu and search is applied into the themes for the ease of access towards the tools provided and for frequent retrieval of information, respectively, via phones.

12. WHMCS-Bridge Integrated Solution

The WHMCS Bridge plugin provides a bridge for your WHMCS support and billing software into WordPress for a seamless and consistent user experience to your customers.

13. Presence of TLD Tables In All Layouts

TLD tables in all domains are present in every ;layout. Whatever layout, you want to select HOSTIKO makes it sure to provide all domains of TLD.

14. Visual Composer’s easy drag and drop Interface

We are providing widgets in our themes to provide support for the customer if he mistakenly deletes any block, he can regain it by importing and utilizing the widget.

15. Revolution Slider For Banners

The revolution slider is a plugin that allows to create responsive and variety of sliders. It can exhibit the banners. The customers can use it for the animated show images and media.

16. One-Click Installation

Any non technical person can download our theme and get the job done. Our theme will be installed on your machine and will do all the setup on its own. This is another ease of use in HOSTIKO.