Customization Services

Hostiko offers highly-customizable WHMCS templates with 30+ unique and
interactive WordPress layouts.

What Is A

Customization can be any work you need done to the theme that is not covered by the scope of our support. In most cases, this is anything that falls outside of the options the theme offers.

How Do I
Get Started?

We’ve partnered with AKDesigner, one of the most reputable customization companies around that provides high quality work. Simply fill out the form to get a direct response.


We work with AKDesigner who offers amazing customization services. They are equipped to handle anything you need that is considered a customization job, both large and small jobs.

We Partner With

To Provide a Trusted Resource for Hiring Top Quality Premium (paid) WordPress Support.

We are not associated with AKDesigner and not responsible for the work that is done by our partner but we trust
them to deliver quality work through their AKDesigner Quality Promise. Please note that while we receive a small
commission if you choose to use their services, our recommendation is based on the quality of their work alone, and
is not based on compensation.